I’m Chris Tharp, a writer based in Busan, South Korea.  This is my personal rant room, blow hole, and self-promotion machine.  I regularly publish articles around the web and in print.  My book, Dispatches from the Peninsula: Six Years in South Korea, was published in 2011, and my second book, The Worst Motorcycle in Laos: Rough Travels in Asia, will be out in 2014. In addition, I am currently co-writing a book with legendary MMA fighter Jeff “The Snowman” Monson.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey dude, good blog. But have you noticed that backslash in your name up at the top? It says “Chris Tharp/’s”. Unless that’s what the kids are doing nowadays; I can never keep up with that.

    Haps’ Really Very Bored And Possibly Obnoxious Copy Editor

    1. Yo.

      Thanks for the kudos. I’ve never actually noticed the slash, though I think it may be a glitch, since I’ve checked the look of my blog about 1000 times. So you’re the copy editor? We have yet to actually meet. Let me buy you a beer sometime, if that’s your thing.

  2. Hi Chris. Really enjoyed your rant. I’m a writer (Guildford, 30 miles south of London UK) Why did I put UK? You know where London is. My current hero has just arrived on Sukhamvit Road, trying to run away from himself. My research led to you via the picture of an elephant. Work displacement will now force me to track down your first book. I was in Bangkok in about ’96, and you brought back some hideous memories. Thanks! And if you come to London …

  3. Hey Charles, I somehow just saw your message. I haven’t looked at this section in yonks, as you Brits say. I know Guildford. I actually stayed just out of town down there many years back (’95). I hooked up with a posh English girl during my travels and crashed her parents’ stately manor (tennis courts, private lake). I was livin’ the life, I tell you! Thanks for the comment and keep readin’ my ramblings, please.

  4. Hi Christ, I’ve followed your blog since my days teaching in Korea (Busan, 2007-8 I think, working for EPIK). By the way I’ve nominated you for this ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ thingy… Good luck with your future projects. I’m especially looking forward to the MMA fighter one…

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