It’s low hanging fruit, I know, but sometimes it’s gotta be said:

I hate K-pop.  I hated it when I got here seven years ago and I hate it now.  Sure, there was a time when I attempted to open up and let the manufactured hooks enter my mind; I adopted a culturally relative posture and tried to see it for what it supposedly is: disposable fun.  But fuck that.  K-pop is evil and should be eradicated from the planet.  It’s cancerous and is beginning to be taken seriously by folks who should know better.  Every ten minutes on Korean TV I see some footage featuring chunky European adolescents awkwardly dancing and waving Korean flags while awaiting whatever abortion of a K-pop girl or boy group’s arrival at the airport of their cold, depressing city.  I just traveled with my Korean fiance in Indonesia for a month, and every time the locals discovered that she was Korean, they foamed at the mouth and waxed poetic about how “great” K-pop is.  I wanted to punch every single one of them in the throat.  I’m sick of people pretending that this SHIT MUSIC is good, and here’s why:


All K-pop stars are young, obscenely skinny, and uber light-skinned.  K-pop is huge in Southeast Asia, where people are darker and shorter than here on the Peninsula.  The women especially eat these groups up like cheap cookies, and then despise themselves for not looking like their idols.  Minhee, my fiance (who is quite beautiful, it must be said), sat down with an ardent K-pop fan at the ferry terminal in Banda Aceh.  The girl in question worked the coffee shop and was very pretty, though much darker and shorter than any Korean, especially the ones marketed for mass consumption via the TV.  “Korean singers are so beautiful,” she said.  “So are you,” Minhee replied honestly.  “You are very pretty.”  “No, no…” the girl shook her head.  “Too black skin.  Wide nose.  Not beauty.”

And… I could have said that it’s racist, but I won’t go there.  Jenny Hyun, a prominent K-pop “songwriter”, already did.


In a sad attempt to increase its international appeal, K-pop lyrics are often infused with lame, grammatically incorrect, fucked-up English.  It’s fine that they mostly sing in Korean, as they should, because it is K-pop after all.  But the English is just ridiculous and thrown in at the last minute. It’s awful and must be stopped.


Case in point:


I could publish 10,000 more photos but I think you get the point.


Corporations have long had their hand in the music biz, but K-pop takes it to a new level.  All the “management groups” that put together these acts are owned by massive conglomerates.  The music is seen as a commodity, no different than toothpaste or sneakers.  Profit is all that matters, and creativity doesn’t even take a back seat: It’s lucky if it can hitch a ride on the bumper.  K-pop is saccharine pablum shoved down the throats of millions of people who have no clue about good music. It’s Plato’s Cave:  It’s all they’ve ever listened to, so why should they even expect anything better?


K-pop is never artist generated.  It’s dreamed up in board rooms full of dudes in suits who reek of garlic and soju.  The songwriting is farmed out to people whose job it is to shit sugary gold.  The casting call goes out and the groups are formed based on looks alone.  Dancing can be taught; singing can be dubbed or auto-tuned.  These kids aren’t artists, they’re barely even performers.  They’re circus animals who do as they’re told.  Any trouble, any hint of rebellion, and it’s the door, kid.  The look of the music – especially for the girls – is sexed-up, but in reality K-pop is as conservative as it gets.  It dares not offend anyone, and in the process proves itself to be the unoriginal, uninspired, corporate produced SHIT that it is.

Koreans are actually incredibly creative people with enough collective angst to produce thousands of Kurt Cobains.  There are punk bands in the city I live in; I personally know several dedicated and fucking soulful musicians who will never see the light of day here.  Real music is rebellion. Real art is threatening and the capitalists will do whatever it takes to make sure that it’s never given a chance.

What annoys me is that K-pop is beginning to be taken seriously by more than just 14-year old girls.  We can all forgive preteens for lapses in taste, but there are adults – Westerners even – who profess love for K-pop and even have blogs dedicated exclusively to it.  It boggles the mind.  And before any of you call me a bigot or some kind of Asia-hater for calling out K-pop for the utter vomit it is, I have always hated awful corporate music.  I remember railing against New Kids on the Block in the late 80’s, as well as every atrocity of a boy band that was shat forth afterwards.  I want ART in my art, and will never apologize.  And usually I wouldn’t bother slamming something as obviously loathsome as K-pop, but these days far too many folks fail to see that the emperor wears no clothes.

Let us hope one day a real artist will come along and rip the guts out of this terrible, phony music, and cause the kids to wake the fuck up.

I, for one, ain’t holding my breath.


  1. I was cool with your post until you used the term “hyper-faggy”.

    Not cool.

    I’d go on at length about how insensitive, homophobic, and just plain wrong its use was, but I don’t have the patience right now. Kpop is everything you said in this post, EXCEPT “hyper-faggy”. Just….no. That’s crass and unnecessary.

    1. I exceptionally enjoyed your use of the term “hyper-faggy” Mr. Tharp. Some folks are simply unable to unclinch their assholes long enough to accept reality.

  2. Oh, did my word “offend” you? Ouch.

    I am in no way personally homophobic (I’m not even tolerant, I’m pro-gay), but sometimes I just gotta use the words that are crying to be typed out. Sorry if “faggy” is insensitive, but look at the picture again and tell me that it’s not an appropriate adjective.

    1. And to add to your point, through my observation of k-pop out of morbid curiosity, there is something rather disturbing about said homo-erotica. Fans of boy-bands tend to create fictionalized relationships between certain certain group members (look up “shipping”) because their behaviors in the media towards each other encourages it. That part isn’t disturbing but when you consider it alongside the general attitudes towards homosexuality in Korea at the moment it is.

  3. Could the “capitalists” have done so well with K-pop if Koreans as a whole weren’t eating it up? True they’re making money off it, but I find it more disturbing how Koreans as a society latch onto it. Elementary kids gobble it up, but they’ll attach themselves to anything really. But even adults and the elderly listen to it. It’s a strange society in which every generation is listening to the same thing…

  4. Dude, I agree with your article, from the reason 1 to 5. However, the part where you said ‘reek of garlic and soju’? that’s racism there. Also, the K-Pop you are referring to is music from so called ‘Idol groups’. Not all songs from Korea are auto-tuned and sung by hyper-faggy looking aliens.

    1. How is “reek of garlic and soju” racist? After a long night of galbi and noraebang with my coworkers, I reek of garlic, soju and cigarettes the next day. I’m pretty sure the corporate music moguls aren’t the same race as me, so while it may be stereotypical, it certainly isn’t racist.

    2. K-pop is by definition about idol groups. If it’s not about girl or boy bands then it just isn’t called k-pop, even if it’s from Korea. It then gets to be called by its true genre – metal, rock, electronic, etc.

  5. ‘hyper-faggy’ is a fine adjective. as far as garlic and soju smelling rooms go, i have been in several of these boardrooms as a ‘delivery boy/guy’ and i can vouch for that.

  6. @anonymous: I’m not referring to all Korean music, just the K-pop phenomenon. I actually like some Korean music a lot, especially the super sad older, more traditional stuff. I find it a shame that so many Koreans have turned their back on their older music in favor of this crap.

    I do understand some of the allure of K-pop. Some of the girls are deadly pretty and when they strut around in revealing outfits in the videos it can be tough for a straight man who likes Asian girls to begin with to take his eyes off of the screen. Also, a few years ago I was in the in Philippines for a month and was bombarded with K-pop the whole time and began to even LIKE one or two of the songs… then I went through deprogramming and got my senses back.

    1. I understand your opinion but I think many people like kpop because they can relate to the lyrics while others just like the music and don’t see the message. Either way I understand your opinion I too don’t like many things in kpop but their are many songs that I like as well.

  7. Ooh, some sensitive folks getting in on the comments. “Faggy” may not be the most delicate word, but it seems to sit well next to a photo of those guys. And reeking of garlic and soju? Shit, I’m a white guy and I ate Korean food once a fortnight whilst living in China… and yes, the next day I reek of garlic and soju. Not racist.

    Anyway, you’re right. It’s low-hanging fruit but sometimes you gotta take it.

    1. Hey David,

      Thanks for dropping in. I guess my rant has made the rounds in the silly Korean blog world.

      Yeah, I said faggy and people got “offended”, but I’ll stand by it and challenge anyone to come up with a better adjective for that photo. One guy on facebook urged me to change it to “effeminate” but I ain’t havin’ it.

  8. I won’t be holding my breath, because if they haven’t discovered Real Music by now, the mainstream probably never will while chaebols have such a grasp on the TV, radio, and basically everything else…

    What I’m curious about is when guys will start looking like *guys* again – there’s been too many make-up and ‘beauty’ photos where it’s getting harder to tell what’s hiding inside the pants.

  9.!/timminchin/status/172611882455281664 from Tim Minchin’s twitter feed, just today:

    “If you dislike somebody’s music, listen to something else. The existence of stuff you don’t enjoy is not a personal insult. Be nice.”

    K-pop is clearly not the genre for you. And that’s OK. Kpop fans should have the grace not to shove Kpop down your throat… and you should have the grace not to tell them their music is shit. There’s a shit-ton of music, Korean or otherwise, that is created and performed with passion, conviction, artistry and creativity. Why not spend your time introducing the world to that instead? That’s a blog post I’d like to read.

    And don’t compare Kpop to the Kurt Cobains: that’s a disingenuous comparison, like comparing Korean shows like “2 Days and 1 Night” with the Sopranos, rather than comparing it with actually analogous shows: stuff like “The Amazing Race” or “Survivor”. Compare Kpop to the mouseketeers, High School Musical, Miley and Bieber: the soulless teenybop, corporate drivel produced by our home cultures. I don’t resent my snack bars for not being meat pies, but by giving one definition only for legitimate/good music, and then railing against a genre that’s follows a different set of rules than the ones you set out, that’s kind of what you’re doing.

    1. Okay, first of all, your man’s tweet is a pile of crap. Basically he’s saying “if you don’t like something, just shutup and don’t criticize”. Balls to that. I think music is important; it’s certainly been a big factor in my life and I will always call out bad music when I see it. Criticism, both professional and amateur (what I’m doing) is essential in any form of art. It acts as a sort of lie detector and I’m in favor of it.

      There is a lot of great Korean music – and I mention that in the original post – but the reason that I rightly take on K-pop is that it’s omnipresent. It’s everywhere I go, and people after people keep telling me how wonderful they think it is. It’s like a kind of mass hypnosis, and it keeps spreading. So no, I’m taking a stand and calling it out loudly and clearly for what it is: Corporate manufactured drivel that has NOTHING to do with art and everything to do with profits. And I’ve noticed that none of the commenters here – even my critics – have contradicted this point.

      I like pop songs and silly things (I’m not as serious as one may think from the post), but I prefer when actual artists create these things for themselves. Keep music out of the board room.

      And while I don’t like hurting people’s feelings, I have no interest in ever being “nice”.

      1. But here’s the thing, tharp:

        You’re criticizing Abba for not being Pink Floyd. Abba never wanted to, never tried to be Pink Floyd. But they were very good at being Abba. Kpop is trying to make people famous, and get paid, and it does that very well. And the people who sign a Kpop company contract know what they’re signing up for, or they wouldn’t. They’d go down to hongdae and look for a drummer.

        I don’t think honest K-pop fans would disagree with you that Kpop is corporate and manufactured. I think if you called up the CEOs of Kpop companies, and challenged them on the content they produce that way, they’d stare at you blankly and say “so?” Their goal was to get paid, and they did. Demanding Kpop be something it never claimed or tried to be is a little disingenuous. And it’s unrealistic not to acknowledge that yes, there’s art, but there’s also entertainment, and not all music sets out to be art.

        If Kpop artists were talking pretentiously about their “art” and claiming to have written and choreographed the songs themselves, if they were making proclamations about the importance of what they did, and stroking each other off calling each other great artists, I’d be standing beside you calling bullshit… but they don’t, and they and their audience agree that’s not what Kpop is about, which leaves you shouting your criticisms kind of like a person who tears up a bakery shouting “Why can’t I buy FRUIT here?” You can’t buy fruit there because the fruit shop is down the road.

        I also think you overstate the mass hypnosis effect: yeah, if you hang out in cosmetics shops and and the Korea Tourism Organization’s press conferences, it’ll seem like Kpop is omnipresent, and in 2009 I might have agreed with you about its sicky-sweet ubiquity, but since shows like “I am a singer” have come out, and become popular by showcasing groups like Crying Nut and Jaurim and Lee Sora and Bobby Kim and Ali, I think saying that Kpop is unavoidable now means you haven’t been looking.

        Your last objection mentions the fact Korean performers have little agency in the things they do, and if your complaint had been more about that — the creepy objectification of underage performers, and the slave contracts and sexual coercion that led the National Human Rights Commission of Korea to investigate the practices of talent agencies, I’d be there with you as well. But you haven’t spent much time at all on that legitimate, serious issue that Kpop hasn’t properly addressed.

  10. So, what Korean music should Koreans be listening to? It is easy to blast Korean Pop, but could please offer viable alternatives.

  11. Meh, arguments aside – and there are some good points raised in the comments here – the article is obviously written tongue-in-cheek. K-pop is enjoyed on a superfluous surface level, the way it was designed to be. Try and take the article the same way.

  12. Hey Chris,

    I share your loathing of K-Pop, but I disagree with a couple of things you write here and I’m procrastinating from grad school work so I thought I’d write to tell what I thought.

    First, I don’t know in what sense K-Pop takes corporate music to a “new level”; everything you say to support that (corporate ownership, commodification of art, profits over creativity, etc.) is just as true of pop music in America, which after all is the model for this nonsense. Korea did not invent the boy band, the management company, and the bubblegum aesthetic. Outside Korea, – the so-called Korean Wave notwithstanding – K-Pop is really just a miniscule sideshow to the U.S. dominated pop culture machine.

    In that sense, you could argue that it does actually represent a rebellion of sorts. It may be crap, but it’s THEIR crap, not the spoon fed American garbage that fills the pop culture feeding trough in most other markets around the world. It’s also one of the reasons it resonates with a lot of other Asians – the beauty standards might drive many to “hate themselves” as you write, but K-pop inspires a lot of them to see that Asian people are also capable of producing the same -hyper-produced, glossy spectacle, pop product that is relentlessly cranked out and sold by the West. You might argue about the value of models like that – and I would too – but that is how a lot of young Asians see it: as a positive model of cultural self-determination.

    And sorry, man, but I have to call you on the use of “faggy”. You would never even dream of criticizing Korean hip hop artists for looking too “niggery” – though by the standards you establish here there’s really nothing stopping you from saying that either. If they look gay, they look gay, and there’s nothing wrong with pointing that out, but there are lots of other ways of saying exactly the same thing without using a word that is often used to hurt people and to equate their sexual identity with something negative. You don’t have to say they look “effeminate”; say they look “gay”. Nothing wrong with that. Saying someone looks gay is not the same as implying someone looks bad BECAUSE they’re gay, which I think is what happens when you word it the way you did.

    And the point that gets lost in all of this is that real homosexuals wouldn’t be caught dead wearing shit like that. These clowns look more like anime characters or Cosplay geeks to me.

    We really should be having this conversation over a beer. Hope to see you soon. Write on!


    1. i like your comment JB,sorry this might be overdue…but i think you’re missing some points. i’m asian, and i feel embarrass by this. it’s not giving us much pride, if in order to do it we have to “copy” western pop culture with a pinch of Japanese anime styles while still playing it safe. what i mean is, they never really done something new, they just calculated of how it could sell and appeal for most horny unstable tweens.

      and i do understand why people call it faggy, it’s not uncommon that horny teenage girls tends to have this ideals of men who are a like prince charming, flawless, clean and perfect just like themselves..they’re starting to put their foot to the water, if you know what i mean. it’s been done a lot through japanese pop culture.

      there’s another reason i hate KPOP. it adapted so much materials from other countries. as if they dont have their own unique culture to offer. the over stylize design, now with the hype, little girls are demanding to get plastic surgeries for their sweet sixteen (it’s common today in korea) it’s just doing more bad than good.

      1. Regarding copying, to be honest i have found anything new for the past 50 years in western pop either. There are fascinating bands but then I love listening to them cos they made me feel good rather than they were new. Is Muse newer than Led Zeppelin, trendier maybe?

        I agree with JB, pop music in general including rock, hip hop, … is from the West and unfortunately it is more related to most of us living in this century and the last than any traditional musics of our own countries. Because we are highly exposed to it in almost every medium from OST to pieces played in coffee shop. And most of people working in the music industries almost countries are also exposed to it and get influenced by it or at least know that we absorb it.

        You are talking copying. I take it as getting influenced. and getting influenced is not new. composers get influenced by each other too if calling Erik Sate or Debussy, ” in the name of art”, makes me sound legit.

        At the end of the day, don’t be embarrassed just because somebody attacks you or people you feel related to. Doing this it embarrasses me, too. And If they were copying, they were making nice copies and i don’t complain.

        Regarding to plastic surgeries making average girls feel bad is same thing skinny adolescence-looking models are doing to most women of the world and many other analogies. I’m not talking that since everything is bad so adding one thing bad is acceptable. It is just those industries just know our human weaknesses and concerns and they are exploiting it. So please don’t blame kpop alone. It again embarrasses me.

        Surprisingly, why don’t you notice that Kpop expansion has helped promote Asian values. Why Rain (so called made artist after years of training) become a beauty standard and your Asian features became hot overnight. I wish you run through the very comments spazzing over the very Korean (Asian) traits of some idols on Youtube that many people have reversed with plastics surgeries.

        I don’t want to get this blog anymore traffic. But too much ignorance for me Kpop fan – you would say.

  13. Lol. Don’t like the music because the singers are hyper faggy? How can you seriously write something like this? “Stop listening to the music everyone! They’re homersectuals!” Ooh! So eloquent of you!

    And since when does someone’s look matter when it comes to listening to a song? Should I not listen to the Tea Party because I don’t like the guy’s moustache? While I’m at it, I won’t read Harry Potter because I don’t like JK Rowling’s hair.

    I’d like to say something along the lines of “judge by the fruits rather than the roots” but I’m worried you’ll misconstrue that into something hyper-faggy…

    1. >And since when does someone’s look matter when it comes to listening to a song? Should I not listen to the Tea Party because I don’t like the guy’s moustache? While I’m at it, I won’t read Harry Potter because I don’t like JK Rowling’s hair.

      Are you kidding? Have you missed the whole point of k-pop despite your apparent fanaticism for it? The very point of k-pop is it’s aesthetics augmented by its songs. The Tea party promotes a brand of ‘ideology’, J. K. Rowling writes stories. Why judge those things out of the context of their importance? So what does k-pop do? It sells you people to worship (hence the term “idol”) via their looks and poorly executed derivative music. It is by that the author judges k-pop’s and it’s social implications.

  14. Hey folks: thanks for commenting on this thread. I’m not going to get into detailed tit for tats because the post isn’t that serious to begin with… It seems that more people took exception with the fact that I said “faggy” than with most of the issues to begin with. Interesting.

    I would like to respond to my good friend John Bocskay’s point, however. You state:

    “And sorry, man, but I have to call you on the use of “faggy”. You would never even dream of criticizing Korean hip hop artists for looking too “niggery” – though by the standards you establish here there’s really nothing stopping you from saying that either.”

    Uhm, John, I would never say “niggery” because it’s not really a word. “Faggy”, as awful as it may be for some folks, actually enjoys common usage. But this is just a quibble. Point taken and yeah, we’re overdue for that beer. You have my number.

  15. Europeans getting into K-pop is just one of the IMF/European Central Bank-enforced austerity measures.

  16. instead of the f-a-g word maybe you could have written “gender bending”.

    at any rate, i completely agree with your article. HOWEVER, you forgot to add reason #6 – kpop music is 100% based off of african-american r&b, hip-hop and soul music yet koreans can be extremely racist towards blacks. when these kpop artists are asked about their favorite artists or music influences, it’s always michael jackson, mariah carey, whitney, motown, etc.

    it’s like, “i’ll take your music but you’re still a ni—-!”

    p.s. – scratch what i said about “gender bending.” you used the right words, HYPER-FAGGY ALIENS.

  17. Could you ever imagine the Korean music industry, letalone fanbase, embracing someone like a Korean Adele? Me neither. The Kpop industry controllers essentially took the popular boy/girl band formula that the Americans and the British made popular (a formula that hasn’t been working for years, I might add) and perverted it even more by exploiting the Korean people’s pride in their country, tricking them in to believing that somehow this Kpop crap holds a special place in their culture when it is as shallow as the N Syncs and Backstreet Boys of the world.

  18. It’s great to find some sanity left in the world. I’ve got to bookmark this post to remind myself that im not crazy and prevent myself from sipping the kool-aid that keeps being pushed in my face. You didn’t even get to the insane overzealous fans who would literally jump on a grenade to protect their idol and throw one at whoever does not worship them. lol I wish this was a top ten list.

    “De-programed” That had me rolling lol

  19. I’ve gotta say that you do have a point. I really enjoy K-pop, but probably not as much as I enjoy Asians ^^ although, the corporations that they are signed with have made them their puppets and limited their creativity…it is hard for me to judge the performers wrongly because I believe they are doing what it takes to get into showbiz. I am not a performer but it must be hard now a days for struggling musicians everywhere to make a career out of that. It is a harsh reality. Even the most successful of actors now a days are probably being manipulated…or did you think they were always that charming?

  20. Hey, just an average 16-year-old here who hates KPOP. And I admit that at first, I find their music really cute, and the girls are really attractive. But all of a sudden, I woke up realizing that something’s wrong. And began to have an irritating feeling about it.

    Yes, I agree that traditional Korean music is really good, as well as the Chinese, etc. But this? YES, most of these are pure shit. I hate it because there are lots of citizens in my country are highly addicted to it, and they don’t even understand what they’re listening to, and what they’re even singing. If you can understand it, fine. If not, and you’re saying that it’s good? OH COME ONNNN.

    For me, I know that the music is good when its lyrics has a deep meaning into it, or would help us realize something. Or even JUST MAKES SENSE. But this? They can’t say that it’s good just because of the attractive girls, or stunning guys, hypnotizing you with their fake beauties made by their surgeons. Oh I’m sick and tired of it, really. And for the author of this article, thank you for posting this, man. More power to you.

    This is only my opinion and I’m just making my stand. Sorry my english is not really good, it’s not my mother tongue. But atleast this comment is not a crappy song. 😉 outtt. xx

  21. all valid points, but I still like T-ara, but mostly because I like the personality and looks of the members. The thing that bothers me most is that the only big music scene in korea is just kpop, all other forms seems almost non-existent. Also,it kinda bothers me how obsessed some of the fans are.

    With all that said, I still like a few artist and a few kpop songs.

  22. Hey Chris, i read your post and all of the reponses. I am a full korean, who was born in korea , and moved to USA. I am a fob if you know what that is. Anyways, i actually strongly agree to your post. I do listen to Kpop quiet a bit, and i like some one them. However, i completely agree on the 5 reasons. lol I wanted to add. Most the the girls have dirty backgrounds or have to have sex. For example, Hyun-A from 4minute, she was pregnant but had to get an abortion. I am not lying i am stating the fact. Also, she got STD’s no suprising. She is just one little example. I do like some of their music due to the addictingness of it. However i despise the dirty sexual things they do and;;;uhg it is very disgusting. It is completely true that its all big company corporated and all. Also, all they care about is LOOKS. Yeah if you can sing, thats great. If you are reallly good looking and you can not sing for your life, your still good. at least 70~80% of all the Kpop idol group members SUCK AT SINGING. Sohee from wondergirls, hyohyun, yoona, sooyoung from snsd. Auto-tunned lip singing and yeah. Most of them CANNOT sing for their life. For those of you who dont believe me, go to youtube find any LIVE performing or MR REMOVED performance, cannot sing for their life. There are good singers park bom. tae yun, and others. However most cannot sing. Even though i am a full-on korean, and i actually like some SONGS. I despise them. Also, it is very true the all surgery looks makes all the girls thinking that they have to look like the idols. Excuse my typing mistakes since i was typing pretty fast due to the eagerness of my agreeness of this post.

  23. I actually agree on everything; my exact thoughts. When I first listened to it something about it wasn’t right… it just sounds so… forced. Lacks “soul”. I don’t even know how to describe it… not surprising the government funds it. Music should never be forced like that, sold to the masses just to be sold. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was min control in the music, some of the stuff just sounds weird.

  24. who ever wrote this is utterly ridiculous lacks in a lot of knowledge, sure there are dirty stuff in kpop but to call all boys hyper fags is utterly ridiculous. the company has control over their concepts and hairstyles. they’re not the ones at fault, what makes you think these people arent normal people just because they have unique hair eh? makes other asian hate themselves? yea thats true but people themselves are at fault for letting kpop celebs alter their thinking, these peopel are w.e.a.k. as for the english lyrics i agree, its pretty dodge but it makes the rythm flow so that is all that matters. you think its all about profits eh? do you not know that people want to make their dreams come true, their dreams of becoming a star and working in a profession which they like. even though they have to suffer hates from people they are able to emotionally cope with it. theres more to kpop than what you see on the outside. writing these type of stuff peoves your ignorance towards kpop. you know people all have differnt tastes, theres alwasy soemthing to criticise on about anything. you’re just spitting out your hate for kpo on paper without any basic knowledge on the background behind kpop. i commend you for your overwhelming stupidity and ignorance with all my heart

  25. I hate American redneck fucks living in Korea. They try to pass as New Yorkers to unassuming Korean girls but in reality they are from fucking middle of nowhere, where the only thing that may be remotely considered as a form of culture is to watch other rednecks running around in a faggy tights with fucking hideous eggballs in one hand.

  26. Considering just how mind-numbingly corporate, repulsive and trashy American pop music is, K-pop is relatively ok.

  27. It is the dumbest post I have read in the internet, ever. What does the first reason even mean?? It’s like to say Scandinavian entertainers are offensive to Southern Europeans and Africans because they have lighter skin tone. Absolutely crazy and very racist idea. A part of reason why Southeast Asians think light skin is good is because Americans and Europeans brainwashed them to think that way during their occupation in 19th Century. What an ignorant and retarded fuck whoever came up with this post is.

  28. Hi, I ended up here via google with a search “korean music that is not kpop”. Are there any good Korean bands/groups that are not K-Pop?

  29. LOL…KPOP is pop and anybody who takes it seriously wanting it to be some deep and aspiring thing is a fool. Not everybody wants a deep/soulful tune every moment, sometimes people just want to listen to something that relaxes their mind and makes them HAPPY! lol I love kpop and I am an American and well into college…I love the beat and tune and listening to the foreign words…it’s all for fun…everybody needs to take a deep breath…pop will always be popular because it makes people happy…doesn’t mean other music will die and a lot of non kpop artists do pretty well on the korean charts…so please keep calm and just enjoy the music lol

  30. It’s okay if you hate the music

  31. I agree with this post in its entirety, including the “faggy” comment and most of the comments, too;

    But what’s this about the comparison to American pop and how corporate it is? Sure, it’s corporate, but DEFINITELY not as corrupt as kpop is. What with slave contracts etc.
    And most other pop (not just American, since “American” pop is also from the UK, Canada, etc.) idols ACTUALLY have talent (don’t check today’s radio, I don’t mean them) and make stands for themselves. They do things with their lives. I don’t like Lady Gaga, but she helps out with charities, she talks to the gay/bi/trans/lesbians of our generation to offer support, so good on her.

    What the fuck does kpop offer to the world? Nothing, because all they do is take from everything around them.

    @”Fuck you Asshole,”
    We can hate the singers all we want, because they’re the dumbasses perpetuating the stupid industry. Are they even singing? They’re not singers. They’re puppets, they’re just the face of the industry.

  32. im agree wif u,…dude,…diffrent ppl have different opinion,..btw,. im more to my own country music and also usa’s music, just, where can i find the 100 percent REAL faces of the k-pop singer?,. why sppsed we had to make a plstic surgry ?,. BE OURSELF! Sincerely~me,.:)

  33. I think you blow Kpop’s popularity outside Korea out of proportion. I’m Southeast Asian but it doesn’t make me insecure enough to hate myself. Well, probably enough to shoot myself if I see another Kpop music video. I can’t stand that generic superficial crap they call “singing”. For the most part, Kpop groups should be called glorified dancers that sing on the side.

  34. I am asian, I love Kpop, and you have no right to say such crude things.
    1. Don’t put the whole of “K-pop” into one group. Yes, I understand that honestly, some Kpop songs are complete shit, but not all of them are that bad.

    For example, the picture of the band you put up…they are called DBSK. (They’ve split up, but that’s not the matter.) Do you know what you’ve done? They are considered the gods of Kpop, the top of the top. Even when they are korean, they are the only band considered to be japanese artists. They’ve broken two world records previously, one for the biggest fanclub in the world, and the other for most photographed. They started a wave which allowed the ‘newer’ Kpop bands to preform and work in Japan. They shaped the Kpop’s history. They’ve won countless, more than 50+ awards, just in Korea and Japan. Over 400+ songs.

    You can’t just insult them just because of their looks. That picture was so many years ago, the era was different, the styles were different. Why don’t I try to insult how ugly the western style was in the 60’s or 70’s, huh? People change. I mean, the *western side* has weird *alien-like* people like lady gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna. That’s even more ‘alien-like’. Don’t you fucking complain about how the lyrics are stupid (Justin fucking bieber? huh?). I bet all the asian music combined will have more meaning than what the western side will EVER have. I mean it. I’m not just being biased here. There are so many words and different meanings equivalent to one single english word in the Chinese/Korean/Japanese vocabulary. You have to right to spew crap which isn’t even relevant. How dare you insult us. You think we don’t know music? Well, you’re wrong. It’s you who has underestimated us. You scum.

    2. Again, the thrown in english….I get it, and I agree. But this only applies some kpop bands. Not all. You can’t just group all of them into one shitty category. That’s just blind and immature.

    3. You piece of shit, that is DBSK you’re insulting. At least find a shittier group and post their picture, you dick. This picture was ages ago, the style back then was so different. I bet you didn’t even listen to that song, huh? Their harmonizing was so perfect within their songs, that their bosses tried to recreate a new group but failed. They are that unique, unlike other kpop groups. DON’T FUCKING GROUP THEM TOGETHER.

    4. Don’t you even start on their singing. Don’t you dare. DBSK can do accapella on the spot without preparation, they can hold world tours without rest, they can sing, compose, write, and play music.
    Yea, I get why you dislike Kpop, must be because of the gangnam style crap right? Yea I dislike it was well. The song is pretty shitty to be honest. I hate the song as much as you hate kpop.

    5. There was a group called Shinhwa, and I gotta say from looks, they don’t really look that well. But their singing was amazing. They were like the previous gods before DBSK. Don’t you say that DBSK is only based on looks alone. There is a reason why they got 800,000 official KOREAN fans (not counting WORLDWIDE) within one to two weeks. There is a reason why even though they are split, their fans still keep on staying beside them. Don’t you get it? It’s not based on their looks, I hate it when that happens. Yes, they do look nice, but it’s their singing which caught people attention. Even they themselves said that they hoped that people liked them because of their singing, not their appearance, because THAT’S WHAT REAL SINGERS AND ARTISTS DO. That’s why there are so many fans, including me.

    You sir, are a piece of immature shit who doesn’t respect other cultures and people’s opinions and choices. I wish there were less people like you. Selfish, and a disgrace.

    1. Aww a butthurt fan… You Cassiopeia, are a piece of immature shit who doesn’t respect other people’s opinions and choices. I wish there were less people like you. Selfish, and a disgrace.

      1. Yes, so what if I’m a butthurt fan? Isn’t it natural for me to stand up for people I admire? You’re the one who is immature here. I’m just doing my job, as a fan. They need us to admire them, we’ll admire them. I wish there were less people like you, because you are rude and you don’t respect things other people like. I am only saying all this because this person ‘doesn’t respect other people’s opinions and choices’. Yea, I might have been a little biased over there, but this person just insulted an entire culture. They not only insulted the culture, they insulted all the people who love and respect that culture.
        How old are you, anyway, Joanna? You don’t sound very mature either.

      2. And heh, you even copied what I said…how unoriginal. You just repeated what I just said, how is that even a relevant argument?

    2. I all I took away from your post is that Asians are sheep that will follow anything they’re told to. You may think you were helping the cause but you most definitely did not.

    3. Hey Cass! I will second his idea that all K-pop sucks. I will say further that the groups you listed suck the most!

  35. I’ve seen a lot of posts against K-Pop in my time, but this one takes the cake. I won’t deny that some of your points are true, because some of them are. What really bothers me, though, is your inability to even consider other people’s points. Some of the points made in the responses have genuine grains of truth that you choose to ignore due to your excessive small-mindedness.

    But to follow up on your crudely made points:

    1. As an Asian (Chinese) living IN Asia, I can honestly tell you that this “white skin” fad has been going on since forever. To us, being pale is seen as a sign of wealth as it means you don’t have to work under the sun (e.g. agriculture, farming, etc.). While this may no longer be true, being pale is still largely seen as a sign of beauty here in Asia because, well, it’s been that way for so long, we don’t even know why anymore. K-Pop doesn’t make us hate ourselves; everything on the media nowadays makes us hate ourselves. Look at any magazine in America, England, Canada, Australia! They have the same problem, but instead they want to be tan and curvy.

    2. I think you’re being a bit biased here. While some songs are weird with random English words thrown in every now and then, there are also some songs that are meaningful and can bring their audiences to tears (sometimes). This is true for all genres of music in all parts of the world, not only K-Pop. As proof? “You a stupid stupid hoe” is not entirely grammatically correct either, and English is most probably Nicki Minaj’s first language.

    3. Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Willow Smith, Rihanna. Case in point.
    Also, as I think Cassiopeia has pointed out, the image you have chosen to represent your point is outdated. Look at the Beegees, ABBA, etc. Their style, which was popular in the day, is no longer “hip” today, and I’m sure more than a few teenagers find that they look like “Hyper-faggy aliens”. I’d also like to call you out on the use of the word “faggy”. If we do not walk around calling you “fat-ass obese American shit”, you don’t walk around calling innocent people “faggy”. I would also like to point out that faggy is not a recognised word in any dictionary, save for perhaps.

    4. As for the corporate-stuff… well. I’m not too familiar with this, but on this point you are probably mostly correct. I’m sure, however, that you are blowing things out of proportion, as per your previous posts.

    5. Last point! Once again, you are partly right. I’ve got to say, though, that K-Pop artists aren’t all bad. For example: FT Island. While this band is completely different from the norm (they don’t dance, and instead of singing as a group they are simply a band), they are widely liked. Some of their songs are written by songwriters, but the majority of them are written by the members themselves. Another example is CN Blue.

    In retrospect, your points are childishly made, and I wonder if your book “Dispatches from the Peninsula” is written in the same way. A suggestion would be to stop including so many swear words, as you tend to sound like a sulky, whining teenaged boy.

    1. @ Try to reply without swearing?: Thank you, I like your arguments. Constructively insightful but not haughty 🙂

      @ Cassiopeia: I am admittedly very immature, thanks for noticing, as soon as I saw DBSK’s fan club name, I wanted to troll you… 😀

  36. If Malaysians hate themselves for being dark, that’s their problem. You’re never going to hear of an African-American Kpop fan hating herself because she’s not fair-skinned. Your Malaysians are causing their own problems, don’t blame Kpop artists for those peoples’ self-hate. As for the “faggy” that’s your opinion. There’s variety in the world for a reason. Not every female is going to find YOU attractive, some like guys who are pretty-looking. Don’t be a hater.

  37. I love this article and I love the person who wrote it,seriously. I like f(x),bigbang and 2ne1 because they got da SWAG. But I like them only for their music,and to be honest I don’t fucking care about their appearance. I don’t find them pretty,cute,handsome…etc. Also,I don’t understand their stupid beauty-standarts: X,S lines (wtf does that even mean? They’re all skinny and girls got no boobs,no ass), perfect straight noses (I’m sorry,but they have monkey noses), V shaped face (I’m not even going to comment that,it’s so ridiculous)…

  38. Wow. This is the thread that just keeps on giving. 63 comments and counting. I don’t even know where to begin to respond.

    I guess I’ll say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment. Most any blogger appreciates responses and an energetic debate to a post, and I, for one, am no exception.

    The responses are pretty much split. About a third of the comments vigorously agree with the sentiment of the post; about a third don’t totally agree but wisely don’t take the post too seriously and see the humor in it; and then there’s the other third, which–how should I say–not only disagree with I’ve written, but cry, scream, threaten, demean, and generally get their panties in such a wadded up, tangled bunch that it would take a team of surgeons to extract them.

    People, please. I’ve been warned about “netizens” before, and now I face their wrath. Here’s a sampling of their ridiculousity.

    Anonymous calls me: “Another redneck potato-licking lowlife fuck from middle of nowhere.” Of course, because the inability to see the urbane sophistication of K-pop makes us all cousin fuckers.

    Another Anonymous (probably the same person) adds: “I hate American redneck fucks living in Korea.”

    Fuck You Asshole is so offended by my opinion that he/she threatens my life: “IF YOU WERE STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME I WOULD SLIT YOUR THROAT AND FORCE YOU TO LISTEN TO KPOP TO YOUR VERY LAST BREATH.” Slit my throat? Sheesh. Sorry for offending your cultural sensibilities. Remind me to not proffer my view on Korean dramas. I wouldn’t want to endure another blood-chilling death threat in ALL CAPS, you silly little douchetard.

    Casseopeia takes the greatest umbrage, lashing at me with a multi-paragraphed screed defending the honor of her assaulted K-pop heroes. Let’s consider a few of her (I’m assuming) gems:

    “You piece of shit, that is DBSK you’re insulting. At least find a shittier group and post their picture, you dick.”

    Oh, that was DBSK? If I would have known I would have NEVER deigned to sully their sacred image. Didn’t Sir Paul McCartney–the godfather of modern pop music–cite them as one of his greatest influences? Or maybe that was Brian Wilson. What does DBSK stand for, anyway? “Don’t Badmouth Sacrosanct K-pop”? Or maybe it means “Douchey Boring Shitty Koreans”. Or “Dashing Boys Suck Kock”. Hmmmm… I’ll have to think about that one.

    She goes on to say: “Yea, I get why you dislike Kpop, must be because of the gangnam style crap right? Yea I dislike it was well. The song is pretty shitty to be honest.”

    Uh, no. I FUCKING LOVE “Kangnam Style”. I happen to think that it’s one of the coolest, freshest, most fun thing to ever come out of Korea. It takes the piss out of the whole phony K-pop thing I’m talking about. It’s brilliant and Psy deserves every bit of the wild success he’s enjoying. I wrote this post well BEFORE the song was recorded and would have mentioned it in the original post had it been out. Hell, I may not even have written this thing in light of the mega hit it’s become.

    Also, a few commenters brought up the fact that in America, we too have terrible, embarrassing music. We also have shitty pop music that makes people want to stab forks in their thighs and commit school shootings. And…? Your point is? Just because we have some sucky music doesn’t make your suck unsuck. Get me? The existence of Nicky Minaj (who I am told is some horrible American pop star) or the Pussycat Dolls does not turn your Wondergirls into the Bulgarian Women’s Choir (look ’em up–sublime). They both can be shitty independently. These things are not mutually exclusive (though I do confess to liking the Korean girl groups with the sound turned off).

    Sigh. It’s just pop music and I’m actually being a bit silly. But I don’t expect everyone to get that.

    I will watch in wonder and horror as the comments continue to trickle in. Maybe this should be my next book.

    1. Imagine if you tried to discuss issues that actually affect people… If you know me then you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t know me, then I’m happy to be unknown finally.

  39. And to “Try to Reply Without Swearing”? Every once in a while I get someone complain that actually use all the words in the English arsenal (both naughty and not) in my writing. If that makes it to spicy for some, so be it. I like an edge to my knife, even if I risk sounding like a “sulky, whining teenage boy”. I meant no offense, but it you don’t like it, you can always go fuck yourself.

    1. Oh, good job Tharp. You only cussed ONCE in an entire comment!

      I’m just going to ignore that little jibe and move on to the fact that once again, you’ve completely ignored everything else in the comment section and focused only on the people who disagree with you. Why, Tharp, why? Is this because you have some sort of God complex where you must be right at all times and if —God forbid!— somebody disagrees, they must be wrong?

  40. There are myriad reasons as to why to dislike Kpop, but the single worst thing about it in Korea is that it counts for 90% of the music you hear. There is no choice. I could handle it if it were only 50% of the music heard in Seoul.

  41. I hate when people misuse the word “racist”. “reek of garlic and soju” isn’t racist, it’s just culturally offensive. Like a 2.5 out of 10.

    The real problem with “garlic and soju” is that it’s a lazy joke, just filler to keep the comedy beats coming. Come on Tharp! This is a K-pop post and instead of relevantly cracking on the corporate greed, evil, stupidity, you went for their Korean-ness. That’s lazy, dude.

    That’s like: “Hey, you ever fight with a Mexican woman? Man. Let me tell you… th– RICE AND BEANS HA HA!!!”

    Your readers deserve better. Shame on you.

  42. I don’t know, bro… It’s a passionate piece – you raise “serious” issues like body image and the sanctity of art – so I think readers can be forgiven that you were trying to make at least a few serious points there. A lot of people took it that way (I took those parts of it seriously), and I don’t think it was a lack of wisdom on their part but just readers giving a writer the benefit of the doubt and making a reasonable assumption that a writer sits down to produce something other than throwaway pap entertainment, which, if you’re insisting is what you were actually doing, would make your piece more than a little ironic. I mean, why hold other artists to a standard you apparently don’t subscribe to? It’s like you’re saying “Everybody else is supposed to mean it, but I was just trying to have some lighthearted fun, nothing serious.” The best you can say about the “I’m not serious” defense is that it’s a copout. At worst it’s hypocritical.

    I have to be honest because this bugged me a little too: I think you sell your more thoughtful readers short by glossing or ignoring the more intelligent and respectful comments while writing lengthy ripostes to the trolls and haters. If generating dialogue wasn’t your goal, that’s fine; but if that is what you want I don’t think the throat slitters are the folks you want to be feeding and cultivating.

    Sorry to call you out again, I just think a couple of things needed saying. I hope you receive this post in the spirit in which it was intended, as a constructive criticism to a friend and a writer whose work I enjoy.

  43. Tharp, if you can’t tell that my reply was lighthearted, it’s not me who’s got a four-foot stick in his ass. Seriously. “garlic and soju”?? That’s like Carlos Mencia low-fruit. This is coming from somebody who loves your shit.

    1. Hey Admiral,

      I get you. It’s a weak, cheap shot, but they’re not all gonna be gold.

      Did I just get compared to Mencia? Oh, shit. *Hides head in shame*

  44. What you wrote shows that you have no sense of music. Or should i say, you’re sticking to the 80s ? Even you’re sticking to the older generation music, you shouldn’t criticize about K-pop like what you wrote! Well, guy K-pop group they sure have makeup like alien or funny looks,but at least they did something to entertain we people from different part of the world, don’t they? Or would u rather replace them and entertain us? I don’t fully agree with autotuned and dubbed. For you it seems all K-pop does that, but you’re wrong! There are lots of K-pop group and solo singers who can sing & dance and same time which they really does and with good vocal! If you’re jealous because of that, please keep it to yourself! Nobody cares about crying baby like you! For your info,you make people loathe you more than K-pop!

  45. 1. Kpop doesn’t make Asians hate themselves. The concept of an idol does, and this is not one limited to Koreans.
    2. I can’t comment on the lyrics because I’m not fluent in Korean. If you’re going to pick on songs for being “infused with lame, grammatically incorrect, fucked-up English”, there are plenty of English songs by native English speakers to choose from.
    3. Considering that your title suggests that you’ll be giving reasons for your position to convince others to hate K-pop, you should stay away from opinionated, unsupported arguments. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    4. I couldn’t agree more about the corporate aspect of K-pop. Then again, it’s present in all products, whether you’ll admit it or not. Again your ego-centrism/ethnocentrism destroys your own argument when you insult the taste in music of those “millions of people”. It’s fine to not share the same musical tastes as others, but you make yourself look like an ass when you turn your nose up at different preferences in music without any support.
    5. I respect your definition of art, but I disagree. Anything can become art as long as there is a creator and an interpreter. What is considered art is subjective. I’m hoping you have the intelligence to consider that all these arguments you’ve laid out have probably been posted by someone else who disagrees with your taste in music.

    You’re probably just ranting, but I still must say, your arguments lack logic. I’d recommend against posting things like these that make you look like an idiot, but I guess you don’t really care. I mean…you are a rebel. Right?

  46. you’re an idiot. kpop primarily sings about love. and the lyrics are pretty damn deep. american music sounds like this “ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass”. not all boy bands dress “faggy” or whatever you said. that’s like saying all american artists dress like lady gaga when they do NOT. and did you actually write a whole blog about why you hate kpop and “we should too”? get a life bro. i can tell you got some issues with always finishing last at everything you do. so you bag on the people finishing first (in this case, kpop) so you can feel better about yourself.

    sorry to break this to you but i’m pretty sure you even know already you are gonna die a pathetic loser that isn’t gonna get any pussy. (btw if you havent noticed kpop girls are 1000000000x prettier than shittty american pop girls.)

    – an American dude

  47. Kpop has evolved to be powerful in Korea, East Asia, South East. growing in the West and also in Latin, Middle Eastern and South Asian “,market’s. But why? it is because of two reasons – Korea’s huge economic and “soft poer” rise and that the media content is what the vacuous sheep (90% of People) want.

    Korea is huge in the entertainment and white good and technology business. And the Korean groups have made the entertainment industry a side venture and now a significant industry. As said it’s all business and cold marketing.

    The music and dramas sell a society where women are sex objects but have the belief they are “independent” we’ll just ignore the huge cases of rape, sexual harrassment and sex industries there. So women think these artificial, manufacture women are awesome (let’s think about a country where plastic surgery is part of the norm). men love the idea of sex object women. They’ve hit two markets in two ways with the use of women. Boy bands are gangster without being intimidating talking the posturing and toughness of urban black males and putting it into guys you’d take to see mum.

    The music and drama are cheap. the music is less harmonic and subtle in nature taking on manifestations of huge bass lines and drums all over overplayed near cliche synth lines. ground breaking? hardly. Korea has an awesome Indie Music industry, like you’d ever know. the Dramas have become more stupid over time. Strongly being sold on stars and gossip.

    At the end of the day you are getting junk food entertainment made by those who want money. it’s all style no substance. And in todays world that’s what many people sadly want.

    In the west Korea is hip. it’s exotic without being confronting and strange. it’s like Home in NYC but not. So cool. it’s orientalism and hipsterism and a yellow fetish. And stupid Koreans indulge this as they are brainwashed about the usefulness of God saving America. Americans in a way still are colonialists!

    Kpop is sexist, bland, stylish but wihtout much new to bring and for non kroeans an exotic alternative that everyone can like. The irony of Gangnam Style has been lost to most or not know.

  48. Another point is look at Japan.

    Japan has a lot of Idol groups and a lot of pop shit. But there is an alternative and it is STRONG. Japan has and tours a whole host of musicians from psytrance and dubstep to post-rock and trip-hop. There’s variety. What variety is there in Korea? Well there’s 100’s of indie bands some of them doing well. And unless you are Korean, know Koreans or hunt for them you won’t know! And these bands have hard time recording and getting tours! For a good company try Pastel. The few sucessful Indie bands have all featured on Drama soundtracks I.e.e Coffee Prince.

    Korea has tonnes of Rock bands from pop Punk Sugar Donut to heavy metal :wire tap in my ear” to electrorock Gogostars. So there’s a scene, there’s quality. Why they haven’t established themselves is the sheep mentality of the Koreans. What Chaebol will support true art that takes time to make money and with lyrics that could question society?

    Now Why is that? Simply they aren’t supported and koreans don’t go out of their way. There music taste seems Kpop, US pop and Hip-hop US RnB that’s it.

    Now for a first world country why can’t they have diversity?

    You Kpop fans are really tedious. You call others out and are aggressive put can you tell me what amazingly deep lyrics are in KPOP with some examples?

    I’d hazard that the deep meaningful lyrics are at best 1 to 200 shit songs if that.

  49. Sorry, just have to throw this out there .. that band picture .. That’s a J-POP band .. Japanese music. Very different genre. Maybe search up BigBang or Super Junior or SHINee . for a k-pop band picture. That was just sort of clawing at my back this whole time. So yeah, that is


    1. Avarose:
      I’m sorry for butting in, but TVXQ is basically DBSK, a Korean band. Perhaps this image came from the period of time they spent in Japan, but for that you’ll have to ask Cassiopeia, who’s clearly the biggest fan here.

      But to summarise. The members in the group are K-O-R-E-A-N: Korean.

  50. You can have your opinion saying you hate K-pop but that doesn’t mean WE have to hate it too. K-pop doesn’t make us Asians hate our selves. Have you ever seen the new ideal body that’s called beautiful now? Apparently now you have to starve yourself to death just to be called beautiful in society. K-pop makes (some) people feel better about themselves at times. If you hate K-pop then that’s your problem. I’m Korean American.I feel happier with K-pop around. There is actually a new K-pop band with girls of darker skin color not only the typically light skinned asian female/male. Honestly being a K-pop fan is a happy choice to me.

  51. Say whatever you want about any shitty band you want, whatever k-pop stuff you want I don’t care. But don’t put DBSK in the same bag if you know shit about them.

  52. All of you guys who don’t like kpop it’s like really? SIgh, if you are experts please make a video of your singing, or dancing or anything really. Then post it everywhere X3 Get over a million views earn a bs load of money. Earn millions of fans for me. Train your butt off in a company which takes most of you money, have anti haters like you post blogs like this about you. Become the next Justin Beiber.

    Do it yes? Or just stay behind some random hate blog while having the most boring job of your life every day where you take out all your frustrations on a type of music known throughout the world that doesn’t even make you have to listen to it. People say they aren’t pretty enough or they don’t look too good everyday. It’s not just in korean. It’s in America, Europe, pretty much anywhere else you could think of. Guess what? If they think that way then they can still become better when they realize that they really don’t have to try to be a certain look.

    So yes hate all you want but guess what? You got bs people every where. You can’t help it. If you feel like kpop guys or girls just aren’t your thing then too bad go away. Most of the guys look like girls yes. That burns though doesn’t it ? Makes you think they’re gay cause they look pretty enough to be makes you question it? well guess what?

    They were born that way. They couldn’t help it. But they decide to use that to further themselves. Nothing wrong with that. SO yeah continue hating, they’ll just continue to make bs loads of more music, modeling pictures, dramas, tv shows, and hold concerts, and even KCON in CALIFORNIA for hundreds to millions of fans to love and enjoy.

    1. Lol dipshit, great way to analyze my response and reply back with a rather pathetic reply. You know why? cause guess what I’m not a “white boi” you dumbass. I’m just another anonymous viewer who apparently retains more sense than yourself. ^w^.

  53. Can i say Jaejoong still looks cute xD Hate kpop Like kpop whatever … its all music. Next time please post about super Jr and what a faggot you think they are :roll eyes: so their fan girls can find where MinHee lives and cut her face.

  54. The one portion of your article which I appreciated the most – and what is most heartbreaking to me – is reason #1. Too many times I hear K-pop fans in Southeast Asia saying things like “Oh, I wish Malaysian boys were more like Korean boys! Korean boys are so much better than the boys we have here!” Sometimes you will hear them simply wishing out-right that they had been born Korean. It is a hallmark of Korean pop’s permeation of the East Asian cultural landscape – it almost seems that K-pop enters other countries, feeds off of the existing self-image and self-esteem issues present in those countries, then portrays Koreans as a superior “alternative” to the wide-nosed Indonesians, or the darker-skinned Filipinos, or the impoverished Vietnamese. Even in the US, most k-pop fans I have met just so happen to also have some issue with their own (American) culture, e.g. “Korean idols are so cute and sweet, not like American artists who are all SLUTS and talk about SEX and DRUGS!” And the global K-pop fandom feeds off of this implicit self-hatred. It really is sinister when you think about it.

    That said, I am Filipino and I listen to Korean pop music pretty regularly. I have a few dozen k-pop songs that are in rotation on my iPod, and only a sprinkling of K-pop songs I truly love. But even I can admit that, on the whole, Korean pop music is awful. It is contrived, uninspired, and formulaic. The recruitment process pays no attention to talent or artistic ability. Cute young people are plucked from cattle-call obscurity to have singing, dancing and acting skills “trained” into them over years – through this process, a kpop idol is a product of training and human engineering, not genuine natural talent of any kind. Even their outward appearance is often surgically re-worked at the request of the record company. Often, the only valuable element that the idol brings to the table on their own is their bone structure. Most fans are unaware of this.

    But in my opinion, all of these negatives are really nothing compared to the damaging effect that K-pop fandom has on the self-image and cultural awareness of young people in countries throughout Asia and the world. It is unclear whether or not K-pop INSPIRES self-hatred in non-Koreans, but it is clear to me that the makers of K-pop certainly exploit whatever self-hatred may already exist in the countries they intend to conquer with their “Korean wave.” And I am very glad you were able to shed light on this point.

  55. I agree with what you have written in your blog. However there is a more fundamental underlying problem that is not being discussed. Regarding other countries such as Malaysia was it that you cited? I am in no position to comment about the K-Pop phenomenon, but as a Korean myself I am quite disturbed by the extent to which all Koreans are so very comfortable with fitting into one giant stereotype and unfortunately this has had serious adverse effects on the creative development of the nation as a whole looked at solely from a artistic point of view. Yet it doesn’t just end there. What has Korea produced in any sphere that has had true originality and value? Most Koreans are incredible automatons and this is a quality that can be good or bad. For those who consider a negative quality, they could argue that Koreans are fantastic innovators in the field of technology but even so, what have they INVENTED? What revolutionary idea or concept have they given birth to?
    It deeply worries me that in Korea the nurture of personal ideas, opinions, critiques and so on are not vouched for or encouraged but frowned upon and instead ‘appreciating’ and ‘worshipping’ the mainstream wave is somehow the greatest thing that has ever happened.

    It truly saddens me how some people left comments here and not jokingly!!!! but seriously that K-Pop is the greatest thing ever and the pinnacle of artistic and aesthetic achievement. Come on seriously? Now that already sheds light on how depressing this whole farce is…

    1. I work in an English language centre and some of our main clients are from South korea. I have to say they are very patriotic and proud but in such a dense and stupid way. In my class when we have discussions in advance English (IELTS 6+) the South Koreans and other nationalities always talk about Kpop and fashion. That’s cool but that’s all they do. And some of the students come from universities such as Yonsei, Seoul national, KAIST etc.

      I have mentioned many literary and classical film works – the students are obvlivious or assurte me it’s not good let alone popular. K-Drama and K-Pop is all they know and talk about. it’s sad becasue traditional culture is wiped out. Japanese at least have some sense of culture and you will find some students who are very active in traditional, alternative and even transgressive culture. Korean students on the whole are not.

  56. ok i like kpop. When u said,”hyper faggy.” That was offensive. I’m sorry but seriously you do not need to hate on kpop. you don’t control society. if people like kpop, then that is their choice. We kpop lovers know its not art, neither is american pop. But it makes us feel good and its catchy. if it makes us(asians) feel bad, then what about american music? i know u didn’t say anything about american music but still, pretty much all the singer are young and pretty. then after a couple of years they(not all but most) turn into drug-addicts or get arrested. korean idols(most) aren’t addicted or have been arrested. They remain pure, and yes they may or may not have gotten plastic surgery. But as fans we accept it. and im not trying to hate on american music, in fact i’m an american citizen and i love american music.

    1. I’ve generally avoided joining in the fray with the ardent K-pop defenders here, but I’m in a caustic mood today so you get a response, bucko.

      Great. You like K-pop. Join the ranks of millions of other chumps who sap up bland, corporate-produced, unoriginal pablum. And where did I say that I want to “control society”? That’s your supposition, not mine.

      And as far as your assertion that K-pop singers are somehow “purer” than their American counterparts, what can I say other than that you’re feeding into the tired narrative trumpeted in Korea that they are some how racially purer and cleaner than other human beings. Shameful, discredited, xenophobic shit.

      I like my singers high and in trouble with the law anyway. You can keep your plastic surgery-enhanced shiny obedient child fake-artists. I couldn’t be more bored by them. Give me rock and roll singers who guzzle whiskey, shoot coke, and trash hotel rooms any day.

      Oh, and you found “hyper-faggy” offensive? Tough shit. That goes for all you bedwetters who left comments complaining that I wrote the new “f-word”. OH NOES! Here’s the deal: You don’t like my language, then how about NOT READING my blog, you thin-skinned, sensitive
      little tits.

      Jog on now…

      1. Oh Tharp42 – you fucking loser as I see you in your avatar. You want personal attack rather than debates. Salute boy, you have triggered my ultimate big shit ego and cheap personal attack is my pee-marked territory. And don’t have to tempt me to show you my photo to compare because we are on the same fugly level.

        You look same age of my parents’ but you are now just like me when I was in primary school listening to Nirvana (even though I didn’t like it, it sounded cool to my friends). Think bringing up Nirvana making you legit or above kpop listeners huh? Know what? Nirvana that you hold dearly My parents were so disgusted that they (thanks god not Led zeppelin) would ruin my IQ and my taste, worrying that such “rubbish music” would kill the classical and traditional musicians but they still gave me money to buy their CDs and worse Judas Priest’s with all their shitty lyrics. See the same analogy of your underground artist smartass??

        Here is good news for you, those who are real talents as you think cannot be threatened. Those classical musicians still make a lot of money despite Linkin Park and cheesy Coldplay have sold tons of tickets for the concerts.

        Just like after a constipation, I feel so relaxed and I start feel liking you as we are same cheap and hypocritical. Or I should use “fake” cos I don’t know if you are as well educated as I am to be labeled hypocrite.

        TO ALL MY KPOP FAN FELLOWS HERE, SALUTE !!!!! seriously, I feel happy listening to BIGBANG’s song and some other Kpop songs than any other songs I have listened not sure if they are always better. No matter how cloned and phony they are, I choose, as the old guy above may say, “to be fooled” cos the music make me feel happy and lively and loving my life.

        PS: as a good kid I feel so shameful to my parents when pretending that I were fugly so that Tharp42 feels not alone. It is hard to believe that people of my age can be fugly, no? I haven’t seen one because we are not jaded.

  57. @Na: Hahahaha. What a chump. Well educated–using words like “cos” and “fugly”? You need to work on your English, kid, because you make no fucking sense.

    And if I’m a loser (as so evident by my avatar), you are a sub-loser. I don’t recall coming to your blog and crapping my diapers for the world to see. I couldn’t give a flake off my ball bag what you think of me or my writing (you have amply demonstrated your terrible taste by admitting to be a K-pop fan), yet YOU feel compelled to come to MY personal blog and not only read it, but leave laughable, sad, outraged comments in really poor English. Who’s the loser again.

    Okay, I’m done with you sap. Keep screaming at the keyboard. I got another book to write. Let us all know when yours comes out.

    1. oh don’t get yourself away in that losers’ old fashion saying you are busy. … Have seen you criticizing opposing voices with their english usages then personal attacking back and forward when your argument falls weak. seriously english native speaking author? Clinging to grammatical checks to make your stance? Don’t want to hurt your occupational pride as a teacher but nothing else to say? Seriously think that intimidates me?

      …………………………… fugly cos ? yeah, look up John Irving’s vocabulary and you will be in awe. Or dont be bothered because i dont need validation as you do much less with one single language out of thousands existing on earth and a musik taste. I can afford poor english and terrible taste in many things let alone musik.

      will keep coming to your public-setting personal blog if i like . Cos as you have realized i have terrible taste: tofu-heads with big ego, i love bullying them. so do your psychoanalysis again. my ” laughable, sad, outraged” comment might have come from a “dark past” leading to my bullying nature. but my advice, you don;t have many years left so don’t waste your time imagining (just kidding you caucasians age faster so we may be of same age). instead keep learning and perceiving. hope someday the tofu in your head would grow some neurons.

      by the way, this is my very first time comments ever, you should feel honored. and i don;t have blogs to treat you back but i can teach you one thing instead: only big shit ego losers are impotent to admit when they are weak or wrong. and that has shown in your overreactions in this long entry. and that tempts trolls and teasers. if to keep the entry alive is your motive then well… i don’t mind having contributed somewhat

  58. i love you more than words can do justice…this post is fucking amazing and encompasses my feelings exactly…

  59. i couldnt be bothered reading the comments to check if someones already said this. i agree with you 100% about lack of creativity, circus animals, money raking etc blah blah blah yes the lyrics are terrible and every sounds the same but i really dont like it when people say things like ignoring the fact that even though their companies dont give a shit about their wellbeing, the artists do work incredibly hard i mean youve seen them asleep on tv, on an IV because theyre so weak. plus on top of that some of them are really talented even if it is 80% of them, i mean have you like really heard the singers sing and the top dancers doing their thing? im not hating you or anything i just dont know if youve realised this.

  60. i forgot one thing, dont know if youve seen it anywhere but one group has just sued their ceo because they havent been paid since april 2011. despite that they write all their own songs, choreograph their own routines and work 24 hours a day for almost 2 years without a word.

  61. Well, though you are entitled to your opinion, and how this is your ‘rant-space’, I think the part of the title- “why you should too”, is kind of taking other people’s opinions away. I absolutely love k-pop, and I have no anger within myself for you, even though he despise it, but what you said is completely the opposite of what I see in k-pop.
    For one, I agree with you about the really skinny par. Even the male singers are like that, and sometimes it does get on my nerves. But the dark skinned part isn’t that true. While most k-pop people are light skinned, as are most Asians, there are some notable dark skinned stars, such as Daesung from Big Bang. He is noticeably dark skinned, an is accepted by all VIPs. And the style, for which you posted a picture of DBSk’s just after debut picture, is something that I think all people of that area- Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc. enjoy. They take after them only because they look good like that. Maybe that picture of DBSK was kinda funny, but the style that people like G-Dragon propagates, or Eunhyuk from Suju propagates, can up your fashion quotient in the Hallyu society, and there ae also some bands that don’t really indulge in this eccentric style, notable ones being SHINee, B1A4, and most ‘boy next door’ themed groups.
    On their creativity, I feel that, if you think hat k-pop lacks creativity, then what would you say about american music? The groups in Korean don’t live the luxurious life that American stars do. Behind all the glamour and fun, and humour, we see hard work and rigorous training. A k-pop idol is trained from their early teens, and only when they are absolutely ready will their Entertainment label introduce them to the public. There are some groups that choreograph/write their own songs, notably Big Bang, whose leader and main rapper wrote the lyrics. The Enterainment-training may seem like blindly training one like a machine, or, like you said, monkeys in a circus, but the idols seem to enjoy their work, and aside from the illegal downloading recieve a good amount of money from their fans, whle a monkey yearns to be in the jungle, and live the life it needs to.

    Once again, I’d like to say that you are entitled to your opinion, but you shouldn’t push it onto other people. And to BigBang/Suju/SHINee fans, Sarangheyo!!

  62. HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA! You write books XD I wonder if your company knows you got lots of time to be writing hate blogs about something like Kpop which even a new rookie group would make more news, money, popularity, and fans than your books XD After all it’s not like nearly something million people write books! And guess what! Yours will just be one in the ocean of millions. Left unrecognized BY THE WORLD. Oh and I noticed your constant play on sexual terms and sexuality, someone must be either deprived~, doubtful, or BOTH! XD Stereotypes, self esteem, and image will always be compared. Not just to Koreans, after all you act like Koreans are the only people who publicize their faces and bodies. No there are European models, American models of every race, and yet you have the nerve to say it’s Koreans that makes everyone feel bad. Darling, people will always feel insecure because for every person there is there will always be another beautiful person. They just gotta realize that, and make the best of what they have. This world doesn’t need any more hate than it already has. Actually, hate is something you don’t deserve to use in this type of blog. Why? Because hate is a strong emotion, something only the most unfortunate and serious people are able to express. This is just being childish. If you guys have time to insult something that makes billions of people happy, maybe you should try to spend some of that time going anti against things like rape, abuse, war and help support women and minorities.

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